This is the second straight postseason appearance for Joshua Silveira, a 2022 alumnus of the PFL Challenger Series. He defeated Marthin Hamlet in last year’s regular season but lost to Omari Akhmedov in the 2022 Semifinals — the only loss of Silveira’s professional MMA career thus far. Silveira, a grappling expert, earned the top seed in the light heavyweight postseason this year with first-round finishes of Sam Kei and Delan Monte for a perfect 12 regular season points.


After a successful run on the regional MMA circuit, Ty Flores, who enters with a four-fight win streak, has seen that success continue into the PFL. He earned unanimous decisions over Monte and Dan Spohn to earn the No. 4 seed.


Who will advance to take on Impa Kasanganay in the 2023 PFL Light Heavyweight Title Fight?


Round 1

Both men fire off low kicks to start. Combination by Flores, but Silveira has a counter shot while backing up. Flores comes in again, but Silveira briefly clinches and lands a knee. A high kick attempt doesn’t land, though. Silveira trips Flores up with a leg kick. High kick by Flores is blocked. Silveira pummels with his back to the SmartCage before reversing position with Flores and a break. Solid right hand and another combination by Silveira. Flores lands a low kick. Flores lands to the body but misses a couple of hooks. Right hand by Silveira.


Knee by Silveira as Flores clinches up. The two briefly trade against the SmartCage. Another low kick for Flores. Left jab by Silveira advancing in. Flores misses a combination that ends in a high kick. Check hook from Silveira as Flores presses Silveira up against the fence. Flores misses another combination. Silveira with a kick to the body. Flores misses a high kick. Flores presses forward but he eats some nasty knees from Silveira! The knees continue and Flores drops!



Joshua Silveira advances to the PFL World Championship!




Joshua Silveira def. Ty Flores via first-round KO (knees, 4:46)


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