Jason Jackson made an impact on the regional scene before signing with Bellator, winning welterweight titles in a number of notable regional promotions. The Kill Cliff product made his way through names like Benson Henderson, Neiman Gracie, Paul Daley and Douglas Lima before stopping Yaroslav Amosov at Bellator 301 to capture the welterweight championship. Jackson then appeared at the PFL vs. Bellator Champions vs. Champions event in February, defeating Ray Cooper III.


Ramazan Kuramagomedov has shown dominance in his wrestling ability, going undefeated thus far with appearances in promotions like Bellator and PFL. The American Top Team product from Dagestan has scored eight finishes in his 12 fights, including six submissions. Kuramagomedov was also in action at Bellator 301, defeating Randall Wallace.


Will Jackson walk out still the champion after a first successful defense? Or will Kuramagomedov end his reign and walk out with the gold?



Round 1


Low kick from Kuramagomedov. Both men are trying to work the jab. Jackson comes forward with a flurry before a body lock. Jackson with a knee. Kuramagomedov with an elbow off the clinch. Right jab by Jackson misses. Jackson comes forward again, but the clinch is brief. Kuramagomedov with a left hand, followed by a takedown. Jackson places his legs together and makes himself hard to move. Kuramagomedov tries to push Jackson against the fence.


Kuramagomedov lands a few left hands on Jackson’s head. Jackson trying to move his legs out, but he’d risk putting himself in striking range. The referee warning for action. Kuramagomedov lands a couple of right hands. Kuramagomedov posturing up and pressing. Jackson nearly gets free, and while he gets to his feet, Kuramagomedov still has a hold of him. Kuramagomedov looks for another takedown against the fence, but the bell sounds.



Round 2


Jackson coming forward. Low kick by Kuramagomedov. Right hand from Kuramagomedov. Right hand from Jackson. One-two by Jackson. Jackson with a small combination. Kuramagomedov with some right hands. Jackson with a combination. Kuramagomedov goes in for a takedown, but Jackson stops it with a successful sprawl. Low kick from Kuramagomedov. Kuramagomedov pushes in for a body lock, but Jackson pins Kuramagomedov against the fence.


Each man lands a one-two as the action returns away from the fence. Hard low kick from Kuramagomedov. Round kick by Kuramagomedov, and Jackson answers with a right hand. Kuramagomedov comes in close and lands, with Jackson nearly avoiding a high kick. Side kick to the body by Kuramagomedov. Low kick from Kuramagomedov slips Jackson briefly. Hook hits for Jackson. Right hand by Kuramagomedov. Quick left and a low kick from Kuramagomedov. Kuramagomedov with a couple of more kicks before the bell.



Round 3


One-two from Jackson in the center. Right hand by Kuramagomedov. One-two from Jackson, and Kuramagomedov answers in kind. A couple of right hands from Jackson. Low kick from Kuramagomedov. Low kick by Kuramagomedov. Another low kick from Kuramagomedov. One-two from Jackson. Jackson with a hook. Knee to the body by Kuramagomedov. A clinch and Kuramagomedov lands a couple of knees to the body.


Kuramagomedov looks for another takedown but Jackson defends it. Low kick from Kuramagomedov. One-two from Jackson. Left hand from Jackson. One-two from Kuramagomedov. Low kick from Kuramagomedov. Kuramagomedov’s counter attacking appears to be leaving Jackson frozen. Left hand catches Jackson coming in. Left hand again from Kuramagomedov. Jackson backed up against the fence, and Kuramagomedov lands a combination. Jackson is busted up. Low kick by Kuramagomedov.



Round 4


Jackson trying to come forward again. Jackson lands a lead hook and a straight to the body. Kuramagomedov circling around the outside of the cage. Jackson pushes Kuramagomedov into the fence. Jackson is able to get Kuramagomedov down. Both men firing punches off. Jackson keeping Kuramagomedov pinned to the fence.


Jackson has an arm around the neck, but it’s not a tight grasp around it. Jackson cradling and landing a right hand. Jackson tightens up the arm, and it looks like the guillotine choke might be in. Jackson lets it go before he can lose too much energy. Jackson sinks it in again, but Kuramagomedov gives the thumbs up. Jackson staying in control of the grappling throughout the rest of the round, and he’s showing signs of battling to the bitter end.




Round 5


Jackson pushing the pace and trying to come out with pressure. Kuramagomedov with a body lock. Jackson tries to press him against the fence. Kuramagomedov looks for a guillotine, but he doesn’t have it. Jackson is now on top. Jackson appears to be threatening a D’Arce choke with the two pinned to the fence. Jackson throws a knee on the ground. Jackson has a grasp on Kuramagomedov’s neck, but it’s not tight. He does not commit to it.


Kuramagomedov works his hips and starts to get himself back into a front-facing position. Jackson stops Kuramagomedov from bringing Jackson down to the mat. Kuramagomedov hanging onto the leg of Jackson. Jackson staying on top. Jackson delivers a couple of punches. Kuramagomedov and Jackson now on their feet, and Kuramagomedov pushes Jackson to the edge of the fence. Kuramagomedov lands a knee to the body as he pursues one more takedown. Jackson tries for a hail-mary guillotine, but he doesn’t get a true grasp on Kuramagomedov’s neck.





Ramazan Kuramagomedov def. Jason Jackson via unanimous decision (48-47 x3) to become the new Bellator welterweight champion