A veteran of the PFL, Sadibou Sy finally reached the pinnacle of the PFL season in 2022. It was in that year where the kickboxing specialist ran through the likes of Nikolay Aleksakhin, Rory MacDonald, Carlos Leal and Dilano Taylor to capture the 2022 PFL Welterweight Championship. Sy had another strong start to his 2023 campaign with highlight-reel knockouts of Jarrah Al-Silawi and Shane Mitchell. After another semifinal win over Leal, however, he came up short in the finals against Magomed Magomedkerimov. Now, Sy hopes in 2024 to replicate his 2022 success – just doing it in a weight class 35 pounds heavier!


A champion at middleweight and light heavyweight on the regional scene, Joshua Silveira has grappling prowess, thanks to his time as a wrestler at Arizona State, but he also has some dangerous power that he’s put opponents away with. Silveira had a great run in the PFL in 2023, scoring first-round finishes of Sam Kei and Delan Monte during the regular season before another first-round finish in the semifinals against Ty Flores. Silveira, however, dropped the title fight to Impa Kasaganay, and now in 2024, he’s looking to gain the championship he came so close to holding.


Which of these two PFL veterans will come out on top in what should be an exciting matchup?



Round 1


Sy flashes the jab early, teasing kicks as well. Low kick from Silveira. Sy showing how quick his strikes can be. Silveira tries to walk Sy down, but Sy is bouncing around the outside. Silveira with a right hand to the head. Silveira scores the takedown. Sy is waving over to the official. And just like that, the fight is over?!? What happened? It looks like Sy dislocated one of his fingers during the takedown.



And just like that, it’s six points for Silveira!





Josh Silveira defeats Sadibou Sy by 1st round TKO (injury, 1:14), earning 6 points in the PFL Light Heavyweight Division