2022 PFL semi-finalist Josh Silveira returns to the SmartCage to take on Sam Kei who cuts from Heavyweight to Light Heavyweight for the 2023 Regular Season. Silveira is 9-1 with eight finishes and made last Season’s Playoff’s as an alternate. He looks to take him a PFL World Championship as he starts his Regular Season campaign tonight.


Round 1 


The round opens and Silveira takes the center of the SmartCage behind a teep kick followed by a roundhouse. There’s a lot of feeling out early here as both men look to find the range.


Silveira shoots in on a single and Kei defends well, hopping around the center of the SmartCage until Silveira is forced to disengage.


Two minutes into the round nobody has landed anything super significant but Silveira is certainly ahead on volume. Silveira again shoots in on a single leg and this time he gets Kei to the mat!


Silveira takes Kei’s back with ease after some brief ground and pound and just like that he’s got the rear naked choke in under the neck! Kei will tap and that’s a Quick Six for Josh Silveira!





Josh Silveira starts the season strong with a first round submission and a Quick Six!


Josh Silveira defeats Sam Kei by first round submission (Rear-naked choke, 2:46)