Our second bout of the evening features two incredibly well credentialed grapplers as Jackie Cataline meets Senna van de Veerdonk with a PFL contract on the line. Cataline went 1-1 in Challenger Series bouts last year, but she is no stranger to the bright lights.  Cataline has competed as a wrestler at the 2016 and 2021 Olympic Trials and is a two time U.S. Open Champion. Not to be outdone, van de Veerdonk is a highly respected judoka, winning a national championship in the Netherlands after beginning her training at the young age of 10. Sporting a 3-1 pro record, van de Veerdonk has won all three of her pro bouts by way of armbar. 


Round 1 


Both fighters rush to take the center of the SmartCage as the fight begins and after a quick exchange of strikes, Senna engages the clinch and drives Cataline back into the fence as she looks to set up her judo throws.


Cataline however makes a great move and ducks under the overhook and takes the back in one fluid motion.  From there, it’s Air Cataline as she lifts Senna off the ground and slams her back into the mat.  Senna does a great job of working right back to her feet as they continue to clinch and throw short strikes with both fighters working the dirty boxing.


Both women exchange some big knees to the body in the clinch and interestingly, Senna pulls guard, daring Cataline to engage with her on the ground.  Cataline however has no interest, beckoning her to her feet and landing a nice hook straight combo.


Senna looks to roll for a knee bar but Cataline makes her pay, raining down heavy hammerfists.  Senna still appears a bit hurt as Cataline just opens up in the clinch, unleashing a barrage of short hooks and uppercuts.


Cataline continues to wail away on Senna in the clinch as the referee warns Senna to fight back.  Cataline can sense the finish is close and does not relent, throwing what had to be over 20 heavy punches in a row and punctuating the combo with a brutal knee directly to the ribs of Senna before the referee decides he’s seen enough and calls the fight!






Jackie Cataline shows she’s more than just a wrestler, impressing with her striking and earning a 1st round TKO!


Jackie Cataline def. Senna van der Veerdonk via 1st rd TKO (Punches and knees, 4:09)