A boxing specialist, Sinead Kavanagh has shown flashes of her power while competing inside the Bellator cage. The five-time Irish National Boxing Champion, who trains out of SBG Ireland, challenged Cris Cyborg for the Bellator women’s featherweight title at Bellator 271 but was unsuccessful. The Bellator veteran rebounded with two straight wins but enters tonight off a loss to Sara Collins via split decision at Bellator 299.


Arlene Blencowe has her own striking prowess, having won gold in boxing twice. Blencowe, who holds the fastest finish in Bellator women’s history, has challenged Cyborg for the featherweight title twice before, coming up short both times at Bellator 249 and Bellator 279. Blencowe most recently fought at Bellator 294, losing to Sara McMann.


Can one of these two women impress and get a step closer at one more crack at the gold?



Round 1


Left hand from Kavanagh and a low kick from Blencowe. Strong combination from Kavanagh. One-two from Blencowe. Low kick from Kavanagh. Low kick from Blencowe. Right hand lands for Kavanagh. Left hook starts up a big combination for Kavanagh. Right hand lands for Blencowe. Low kick from Kavanagh. Combination from Kavanagh.


Both women miss strong right hands. Kavanagh lands a jab and gets out of the way of an overhand. Right hand by Blencowe. Combination from Kavanagh doesn’t land, and Blencowe fires one off in response. Kavanagh working behind the jab. Low kick from Blencowe. Three-punch combination from Blencowe. Another combination from Blencowe. Jab and a low kick from Kavanagh. Strong left hand from Kavanagh, but she walks into a big right hand from Blencowe and gets dropped! Blencowe follows her down and fires off a flurry! Kavanagh gets saved by the bell!



Round 2


Kavanagh trying to come forward, still wary of the damage from the end of the last round. Right hand starts a combination from Kavanagh. The two clash with hooks. One-two from Kavanagh. Low kick from Blencowe. Another low kick from Blencowe. Combination from Kavanagh. Low kick from Kavanagh. Left hand by Kavanagh. Low kick by Blencowe. Another combination by Kavanagh, but Blencowe catches her with a left hand.


Blencowe knocks Kavanagh down with another right hand! Elbows on the ground by Blencowe. Blencowe looking for a guillotine! She gets the tap!



Arlene Blencowe puts the Dublin crowd to silence!





Arlene Blencowe def. Sinead Kavanagh via second-round submission (guillotine choke, 3:02)