In the Professional Fighters League, we ask "What Do You Fight For?" For many of our elite athletes, the fight is about honor, respect and family. For all of us, the fight is also about community. The PFL is committed to making a positive impact on the sport of MMA, our partners and our fighters—as well as in the lives and communities of the fans that support us.

We support and encourage our fighters' individual efforts to give back—whether volunteering with young people at local gyms, fighting in charity exhibition matches, or in many other ways that PFL's incredible athletes act as role models in their hometowns. As a league, we focus our community efforts on two main causes: harnessing the power of sports to encourage young people to be active, overcome challenges, and achieve their goals; and supporting active duty military and veterans. MMA has always been about triumphing with heart and drive. Members of the PFL family bring that same spirit to making a difference in others' lives. We hope that you will join us in doing the same in service of your community. We appreciate your support.